The company Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili S.n.c. was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer of vitrified and resin bond abrasives specializing in rectification, lapping, polishing and dressing.
In the year 2000, our production and conversion line of coated abrasives was introduced.
In the year 2008 , the new 4000 square meters location was built, thus enabling us to improve the manufacturing area dedicated to conversion service, with velcro and foam lamination.
In the year 2012, the production line of flap wheels was introduced and in 2013 the new flap discs and wheels manufacturing was presented using HIGH PERFORMANCE PUR technology. Thanks to this process, unique in the world, we can get a patented flap roll system for industrial glazing applications, through a revolutionary shaping and gluing technology.
Experimentation, production flexibility and technology represent the capacity of creating, in an industrial way, every kind of product, always meeting customers’ needs, allowing us to be a leader in the market as for our sector.
Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili S.n.c. manufactures and converts all of its products while keeping an eye on the environmental issue, taking care of safety and health at work, and carefully following the current regulations.
Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili di Romano-Favalli e C. - Via Statale, 48 - 25011 Ponte S. Marco di Calcinato (Bs) Italy - Tel. 030 9980734
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